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a whole change

2009-03-22 08:36:57 by dj-dlk

oke i startet along time a go whit som funky dance mixes but now im heading for a contract.
i make now hardstyle i have a drive in and turning a lod of harderstyle.

hope you like my new style i gonna update some tracks now ;)

Grtz Dj Typon (Dj Dlk)


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2009-03-22 10:44:39

I change my name in Dj Typhon I make hardstyle but in a own style. I produce alsow whit a mate we cold The DuoshockerZ. Hope you like it. Grtz Danjel ...
I changed my name to DJ Typhon. I make hardstyle, but in my own style. I also produce with a mate of mine called The DueshockerZ..
(That is better spelling for you).


2010-11-18 15:59:22



2010-11-23 00:13:55

grats on artist of the month!


2010-11-23 00:14:07